Hi Everyone, We are open today with this winter weather, if any of our guest would like to make an appointment please feel free to call us. Be safe and careful in the winter weather. Thanks, Amore Reflexology

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are getting busy on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have been looking, trying, and hiring part-time to help us on the weekends because our slow weekdays are not as busy (Monday to Thursday) We have 5 Reflexologist on staff today, please feel free to call us and make an appointment as we are getting busy on the weekends. Thanks for the help, Amore Reflexology

Hi Everyone, We will be closed on January 29, 2014 for one day to spend early family gathering for our Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, since some of our family is coming in town early. We will re-open on January 30, 2014. Please still give us a call to book your appointments, we are still able to answer calls after business hours. Thank you for your appreciation and understanding. Happy Year of the Horse, May everyone have good health and good fortune come their way this year! Thank you, Amore Reflexology

Hi Everyone, Amore Reflexology hoped that everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Year. We just wanted to announce that we able to take up 4 guess at the same time because we just hired a new person. Please help us bring in more guess and try out our new reflexologist. Thank you and have wonderful day and evening!

Hi Everyone, May everyone have a very healthy and prosperous New Year!!! Happy New Year!!!! Remember to book an appointment and come by to Amore Reflexology after all the parties to get relaxing hour of reflexology.

To All Friends and family, There is 5 more days until Christmas! If everyone have not finished any last minute gifts for your friends and family, our gift certificates are great gift for everyone to enjoy an hour reflexology service at Amore Reflexology. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Everyone!!!

Hi Everyone, There is 16 more days left until Christmas, don't forget to treat your friends to an hour reflexology by buying them a gift card. It is a great gift for friends and family for Christmas. Also with our new website up and running, you now can view the website on your smartphones, iPhone, iPad and Tablets. You can make appointments online on your devices, in case you are not able to go online at work or home.

Hi Everyone, Have a very Happy Halloween and be safe for trick or treating tonight!!! Don't forget to come by and/or call us to make an appointment (it is encouraged) to treat and pamper yourself afterwards for those tiring feet after a night out on Halloween. Thank You, Amore Reflexology

Hi Everyone, We know this week is Halloween and everyone is preparing for parties planning, candies, cake, and last minutes errands. Do not forget to come by and pamper those aches and pain afterwards for those tiring feets. Thank you, Amore Reflexology

Hi Everyone, Amore Reflexology has "Gift Certificates" available to anyone for the holidays!!! Give a great gift to family and friends for the Holidays so they can come enjoy an hour of reflexology to help them relax. $35 Gift Certificate for one hour reflexology session.