"Reflexology Technique" comes from ancient history of more than 5000 years by using fingers to identify reflex pressure points on the hands and feet, in order to relieve pain, tension, and stress to normalize the body system. Each of our reflexologists are certified and trained from an educational reflexology school to maintain their proficiency and technical skills. We are proud to have set a standard in our field and we accept nothing but the best for you!

Our Business

Amoré Reflexology is an "Open Floor Style," service with seven reflexology sofa in a fast growing business that challenge other similar types of business around the area.

Our Mission

Our company is here to supply the best non-medical/non-invasive healthful healing services for overall mind, body and soul rejuvenation. Our primary goal is to improve our clients' fitness, healthy lifestyle, stress reduction and mental relaxation at an affordable price. We will continuously strive to provide a SAFE, Clean, Calm and Comfortable atmoshpere.

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What is Reflexology?

"Reflexology" is defined as an alternative health supplement that uses acupressure method on reflex points, applied to certain areas of your hands and feet, to relieve stress, tension, aches and pain, as well as restore the natural blood flow and circulation of energy through out the body. According to the International Institute of Reflexology, each of your hands and feet correspond and contains 7200 nerve endings, and every organ, gland, and body part that is connected by the central nervous system. By applying stimulated pressure and acupressure movement to reflex point on your hands and feet, your nerves send signals to the affected body parts and organ, ultimately promote physical, mental, spiritual and holistic energy healing. Reflexology studies has shown and proven that our feet is considered the second heart of the body. Part of acupressure method focuses on meridians, which are pathways of Qi (Chi) to break up patterns that causes blockages and releases them, allowing the energy and blood flow throughout the body to help improve, reduce stress and circulation to...